Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I watch Netflix on Pokitter smart projectors?

Yes. Powered by Android TV system, Relaks, Go Series and CineMax Pro come with Netflix pre-installed. You can also download Disney+, Hulu, and other streaming apps from Google Play Store.

Q: Do they work with Dolby Audio?

No, Pokitter projectors do not support Dolby Audio. If you are watching videos with Dolby Audio, please turn off all Dolby Digital-related output on your video resource (e.g., TV stick or Android TV system).

Q: The sound is quite low when watching videos on YouTube. How to Adjust?

You can adjust the volume in two interfaces. Press the bottom-left button to go to the projector interface and adjust the volume. And then press the home button on remote control to go to the Android TV interface to adjust its volume. Bluetooth connection can only work while you are on the Android TV system. If you want louder on the projector system, please hook it up to a speaker with an aux cable.

Q: I've lost the remote control. Where can I get a replacement?

Please email us at service @gopokitter.com for a replacement remote control. You will still be able to control the Android TV system by downloading the remote app on your smartphone.

Make sure your Android/iOS device is updated to the newest OS version and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the projector with Bluetooth turned on.

Android devices:
Download the “Android TV Remote” app from Google Play, open the app, and connect to HAKO mini.

iOS devices:
Download Android TV from the App Store, open the app, allow it to use the local network to set up and control your connected devices, and connect to HAKO mini.