FAQ - Pod Mini

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Q: I lost my remote control. How to get a spare one.

Contact us at service@gopokitter.com to get a spare one (not for free).

Q: How to enhance the brightness and color accuracy of the projection?

The image of any projector can be affected by ambient light conditions. Colors and brightness can be compromised by other light sources. It is recommended to use the projector in a dark environment whenever possible. For example, during the daytime, close the curtains and turn off the lights indoors to significantly improve the image quality.

Q: Why is the app I want not available on the app store, or why can't I use the app after installing it?

Apps from the app store may not be available or may not function properly due to various reasons such as regional restrictions, licensing issues, or compatibility with your device's software version. This is a common occurrence. It is recommended to contact the app developer through the app store to address any issues or seek further assistance in resolving the problem.

Q: Why am I unable to screen mirror or unable to find the screen mirroring device?

Screen mirroring requires the projector and the screen mirroring device to be connected to the same network. If you are trying to use screen mirroring on an enterprise or public Wi-Fi network, it may not work properly due to network restrictions. It is recommended to set up a wireless network using a home router for optimal screen mirroring performance. By creating your own wireless network, you can ensure that the necessary network settings and permissions are in place to enable successful screen mirroring.

Q: Is it normal if there's some noise while the projector is running?

It is normal. This is the sound of the cooling fan operating. It can be heard at close proximity or when there is no audio playing. However, when content is being played, this sound is less noticeable.

Q: Why is my projection image always blurry?

First, please make sure that the distance between the projector and the screen is greater than the minimum projection distance (20m), as this can result in inability to focus.
You can spin the focus knob for manual adjustment.

Q: Why does my projection image have noticeable distortion?

When projecting at an angle, the image can experience distortion.
Use manual four-point correction to adjust the image.

Q: Why can't my projector connect to Wi-Fi?

1. Public or commercial Wi-Fi networks may require additional authentication methods and cannot be directly connected with a password. Unfortunately, this issue cannot be resolved.
2. If your router has a whitelist access mechanism, only devices listed in the whitelist can connect. You will need to contact the network administrator to add the MAC address of your projector (located on the back of the dongle) to the whitelist.
3. Strong network interference can cause connection issues or frequent disconnections. It is recommended to change the wireless channel of your router to a less congested one to mitigate the interference.
4. Compatibility issues with your router may arise. In such cases, please contact the router manufacturer for further assistance.

Q: Why can't I connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers?

Ensure that the headphones or speakers are in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Q: Why is there a lack of synchronization between the audio and video when playing through Bluetooth speakers/headphones?

There is a certain amount of latency in Bluetooth transmission, which is a common issue with Bluetooth protocols. It is recommended to use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect wired speakers/headphones for optimal synchronization.

Q: Is it normal for the power adapter to get hot?

The power adapter may become warm to the touch during normal operation. However, if the temperature is excessively high or causing concern, it is recommended to contact customer support for further assistance.

Q: Can I use a different adapter to power the projector?

No. Use only the provided adapter and cable for safety's sake.

Q: Is there a lifespan limit for the bulb? How often should I replace it? How do I replace it?

POKITTER projectors use high-brightness and durable LED bulbs as the light source, with a lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to replace the light source. If any issues occur with the light source, please contact your local after-sales team for assistance.

Q: Can I use it with a USB flash drive?

Yes. Note that olny FAT32 format USB falsh drives are supported.

Q: Can I use Pod Mini to watch Netflix?

Yes. You can watch Netflix with Pod Mini.